An 8 Step Final Checklist for Filing Your Tax Returns

Several taxpayers file their tax returns in a rush to exceed the March deadline and will not take much of their time to check the return form before submitting it. This last-minute rush can simply lead to mistakes, certain of which can cost you money. An underestimated revenue error and, by extension, taxes, for instance, can cost you interest and disadvantages once discovered later. So, be sure to thoroughly review the statement before submitting it.

But if you are pressed for time and numerous taxpayers do so, the following checklist may help you have a quick last minute review of your returns:

Confirm the Amounts and File Documentation 

The main step you must take is to contradict the amounts involved in Form 1040 with the amounts indicated in W-2, 1099s and other supporting documentation. Also, this is an appropriate time to present supporting documentation for your tax return. When you have verified the amounts, add the sums to make sure you have not prepared a mathematical error.

Compare with Previous Return 

Then, compare your present tax return form and the form you filed in the prior year. This will assist you to confirm that you have claimed all tax deductions owed and that you have accounted for changes related to taxes that occurred within the year.


When your tax returns are being made by a tax preparer, the revision of the numbers and the comparison with the returns of the previous year will allow you to consult any change that you cannot appreciate on your tax return form.

Verify Personal Information 

When you agree with the content of the return, you can confirm and continue the indicated personal information. Make sure you have indicated the right Social Security numbers for you, your spouse if you file a joint return and your kids if they claim a tax relief for minors. If the names have altered like in the case of divorce or marriage, make sure you have updated your new name with the Social Security Administration