Volunteers Questions

Can I be in the Ribbon?
All volunteers can be in the Ribbon EXCEPT those that are part of the Ribbon Formation team.

Will we get a certificate?
Yes we will hand out certificates at 9.30pm this evening at the Volunteer’s Stations.

Do I get anything else?
Yes all volunteers receive a sweatshirt and a certificate.
Volunteers will also be able to enter the Ford Car raffle where the prizes include 2 Ford cars.

What time do I start and finish?
Please arrive between 10am and 11am.
10ksa is an all-day event, so expect to leave between 10pm and 11pm as well.
Certificates will be handed out from 9.30pm and the car raffle will also take place at 9.30pm.

What time does 10ksa start and finish?
The event’s official opening times are from 3pm to 11pm.

Can we join more than 1 team
Yes, talk to us.

Where is meeting point on the 12 December?
Inside the large gym.

Do I have to attend all training sessions?
Yes, as every training session exposes you to different content and material.

Is there a break period during the event, and do the volunteers have their own station?
Yes and yes.

How will I know what happens next?
We send out emails with updates.
If you are not receiving our emails, please email na@alfkhair.com

Is there food and drink?
Yes, all volunteers will receive a complimentary meal during the day.
There is also the Refuel area which sells food and drink to everyone attending so you can also purchase food and drinks.
However the day is long (and the lines for food and drinks might be long too), so we also recommend that you bring your own additional food and drinks.